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Global Electrical Laboratory is managed by an industry expert, having more than 3 decades of rich experience & is pioneer in establishing advance analytical techniques such as furan content and degree of polymerisation in India.
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The appearance of oil may show cloudiness or sediments which may indicate the presence of free water..

Breakdown Voltage

The breakdown voltage is of importance as a measure of the suitability of an oil to withstand electric stress…

Water Content

Water may originate from the atmosphere or be produced by the deterioration insulating materials..

Neutralization Value

The neutralization value of oil is a measure of the acidic constituents or contaminants in the oil..

Sediment and Sludge

This test distinguishes between sediment and total sludge that is oil insoluble sludge plus sludge..

Dielectric Dissipation Factor  and Resistivity

These characteristics are very sensitive to the presence in the oil of soluble polar contaminants,..

Interfacial Tension

The interfacial tension between oil and water provides a means of detecting soluble polar contaminants..

Flash Point

A low flash point is an indication of the presence of volatile combustible products in the oil..

Pour Point

Pour point is a measure of the ability of the oil to flow at low temperature. There is no evidence..


Density is not significant in determining the quality of oil but may be useful for type identification..


Viscosity is a controlling factor in the dissipation of heat. Ageing and oxidation of the oil..

Dissolved Gas Analysis

Mineral insulating oils are made of a blend of different hydrocarbon molecules containing..

Furan Content

Furan is a chemical family. Atleast five types of furan are produced due to ageing of paper and they get dissolved in oil..

Degree of Polymerisation

The degree of polymerization test is conducted on cellulosic paper insulation. The average..

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