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Transformer Oil Testing And Analysis

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Why Oil Testing?

Transformer oil experiences both thermal and electrical stresses while it is in operation. Apart from that, they get contaminated. During service, the oil comes in contact with air, subjected to oxidation reactions and accelerated by temperature and presence of contaminants (water, sediments, sludge, polar substances, acid, dissolved gases, solid iron and copper, dissolved metallic compounds). As a result, it changes its properties. There will be a simultaneous change in the electrical characteristics as well like, fall in resistivity values and/or an increase in the dielectric dissipation factor.

These gradual changes in chemical, electrical and physical properties need to be monitored to ensure its suitability for the intended purpose. Therefore, oil is to be tested periodically. That’s where we come in the picture. We provide transformer oil testing services.

Global Electrical Laboratory is a leading Transformer oil testing and analysis laboratory in India. We can provide useful information. Testing provides insights into the condition of oil and its effect on transformer. Regular power transformer oil testing services help us to take proper preventive measures to ensure long life of transformer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][vc_column_text]

Condition Monitoring Of Transformer

Power transformer is one of the most expensive electrical equipment in electrical power system. Therefore, it is essential that its health is closely monitored and desired preventive action shall be taken well on time to avoid premature failure. Although, there are several diagnostic tests are available for condition monitoring of transformer, but still testing its oil is the most reliable and proven tool.

The routine test of transformer oil provides information about overall quality of oil. It indicates the corrective measures such as filtration etc to be taken. By constant monitoring of condition we can reduce the failure chances, avoid high repair costs, duration of downtime and possible safety risks.

Our transformer condition monitoring services helps to take appropriate preventive measures and perform proper diagnostics of transformer. Testing of oil provides insight into quality of oil which is needed to take appropriate corrective actions such as filtration etc. It also provides information about its health of transformer such as healthy or presence of problem (like thermal or electrical faults), along with magnitude of fault and it also helps in estimation of its residual life. Transformer oil level monitoring and its quality is essential for its proper functioning.

NABL Accredited Oil Testing Laboratory At Your Service

We are NABL accredited laboratory in India. Our team of experts performs all round testing of with our testing equipment of high accuracy. We provide wide spectrum of oil testing services like DGA (dissolved gas analysis), Furan content, degree of polymerization etc in accordance with international standard.

Accreditation from NABL, Govt of India authorizes our test processes and puts a stamp of quality on our services. We are well equipped laboratory that can carry out all the prescribed tests with precision and accuracy. Team of experienced engineers and qualified laboratory staff provide constant supervision and monitoring of test methods.

Global Electric Lab has unmatched expertise. We are a NABL approved laboratory ready to perform full range of transformer health check.

We adhere to international system of quality assurance and oil testing. Global Electrical Laboratory is equipped to conduct following tests on transformer oil as per national and international specifications such as IS 1866, IEC 60422, IS 10593, IEC 60599, IS 9434, IS 15668, IEC 61198, IEC 60450 etc.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]